Hi, I’m Ellen. In summer of 2018 I was diagnosed with HER2 +++ ER0 PR0 stage 2 breast cancer.

Over the course of the next year; through a whirlwind of hospital visits, the diagnosis, the IVF, the chemotherapy, the medically-induced menopause, the hair loss, the operation, the recovery, the radiotherapy, the sought-after remission status and life thereafter; I’ve decided to start Brave Collective.

With 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, it felt more important than ever to turn my experience into something positive, to create a blog, brand and platform for other women to unite, empower and inspire one another. Not just for women affected by cancer, but anyone at a hurdle in their life, and for their friends and family too.

Whether it’s cancer or another physical illness, anxiety, depression or struggles with self image, I’d like Brave Collective to be a forum for women to tell their story. I want it to include real, raw and inspiring content, to demonstrate that sometimes it’s okay to feel like the glass is half empty. To acknowledge that we all have our bad days where we question our resolve and strength to fight, and to remind us to always celebrate the good days, remember that the glass is refillable and to hold out for better times ahead.

We’re stronger when we stand together. We are braver together.